Monday, October 24, 2005

you did the dishes?

ever since the flood a couple weeks ago, my jointer has taken residence in the entry way to the kitchen. it's a lovely tool that is about as tall as the average 18 month old and weighs between 100 and 200 pounds. the stand that holds it up isn't too bad, it's the massive cast iron table that's the killer.

my wife has been dying for me to get that back into the basement. so last night while she was giving the kids a bath, one of my buddies helped me muscle it back down stairs. we decided we were going to wait and see how long it took for her to notice that it had moved. 4 hours later my buddy gave up and flat out asked her if she noticed anything different. she got excited thinking he had washed the dinner dishes!

i can honestly say that it's nice to be getting things back to normal in the workshop. now that i've had a couple weeks without it, i realize how much i enjoy working down there. i'm looking forward to seeing what i can pull together out of these stacks of wood that i've got. i'll keep you posted.


Jenn M. said...

Yeah, that was an Doh! moment on my part. The really sad part is that I was standing in the spot where the jointer was when he finally asked me if I noticed anything!

foxymama said...

You've "restored" your dungeon?! So that's what is causing this resurgence of rain? You're the culprit! And all this time I thought "the gods must be angry..." ~;^)