Monday, October 16, 2006

Thanks to my Daughter

My oldest daughter is in seventh grade at the middle school. She’s done a great job of continuing to try out for different activities at school. She’s gone for drama, track, field hockey and most recently student council. The unfortunate part of this is that she hasn’t made the cut on any of these activities yet. I give her great credit for trying though, that’s more than I ever did in school. Other than a stint in pop warner football my freshman year, I didn’t do anything.

So after finding out today about the outcome of the student council voting, I’ve decided that I need to push my own fears of rejection aside. I have entered into one of the regions upcoming craft fairs. If she can continue to out herself our there, I don't really feel like I have an excuse not to.

I’m going with a limited number of items to test the waters. I’m going to have cutting boards, cigar pens, wine bottle holders and some turned Christmas tree ornaments. And since I’ve got about 5 weeks to get ready for this, I’m going to have to get my butt back into the dungeon and continue sanding away like a mad man.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Too Well...

I knew everything was going "too well" over the past couple of days. I glued up four of these wine bottle holders out of some scrap oak along with another walnut/maple cutting board. I also glued the brass inserts into four pen blanks. I also started working on the cookie sheet rack for my wife that will go above the range vent/light thing.

So tonight, in an attempt to keep each of these projects moving along, I decided to focus on the cookie sheet rack. I had glued up the sides, top and bottom the other day, so it was time to route the dados for the shelf supports into the sides. Well only ONE side should have had the extra dados... and now both of them do. Dang it! It never pays to rush anything.

Back to the glue bench I go...