Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How Much is "Enough"?

My wife asked me this question tonight: "Don't you have enough"?

Of course she was referring to my announcement that I was headed out to see if I could get some more of that Baltic Birch scrap wood from the local furniture shop.
My answer was simple, it was: "No"

so I ask you... how much is enough when it comes to free scraps of Baltic Birch plywood? The first picture in this group is what I picked up in this trip.

I still think the answer is no...

Sharpening Jig

Since I started turning almost two years ago I’ve thought I could learn to sharpen my gouges freehand…

I can’t.

I’m also to cheap to buy one of those commercial style jigs.

Based on a design that I cannot remeber which forum I found it in (otherwise I would be happy to link and apply credit) here’s what I’ve done. I started with a little raised base (made from some of that free scrap baltic birch plywood I can’t stop collecting) and then simply added a little extension with a “V” block to allow the handle a comfortable resting place.

I was SHOCKED at how well this cleaned up my gouge. I should have done this a LONG time ago!

Kitchen Containment

I started this project quite some time ago. This past weekend I finally got it put into place. I do need to pull it down at some point to apply a stain a poly finish to make it match the other cabinets, but for now it is serving it's purpose.

The purpose is for saving my wife's life.
We had been storing her cookie sheets and cooling racks up above the little range hood / vent thing over our stove. Everything that was up there just seemed to have a way of becoming entangled like velcro, causing everything to come crashing down if you didn't use three hands to remove something!

There is peace at last!