Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A New Finish

With the newest set of wine bottle stoppers, I thought I would try out a new finishing technique. Rather than going with the gloss polyurethane, I'm applying two coats of tung oil followed by a buffed paste wax. Here's an example of a finished stopper.


Monday, January 24, 2011

The New Series - Candy Dishes

I know I've posted a couple pictures previously, but now that I have the first 4 completed, I thought I would post them all at once. These have been tons of fun to work on and I am certainly going to be making more!

The first candy dish includes 61 segments. I stained the wood prior to applying a gloss polyurethane finish. This dish is 2-3/4" tall and has a 5" diameter.

The second candy dish uses a similar design as the first, but includes 121 segments. This candy dish was also stained prior to the gloss polyurethane finish. This dish is 2-3/4" tall and has a 4-5/8" diameter.

The third candy dish includes 81 segments. I decided to skip the stain on this dish and just apply a gloss polyurethane finish to maintain the natural color of the pine. This dish is 2-3/4" tall and has a 4-3/4" diameter.

The fourth candy dish includes 81 segments. Again I decided to not stain the wood prior to applying the gloss polyurethane finish. This dish is 2-3/4" tall and has a 5" diameter.

Part of my original goal in making these candy dishes was to help give me a better visual of how different segment sizes would look as I am designing new pieces. So far I have not been disappointed and I'm looking forward to creating new candy dishes and trying different finishing techniques to continue providing new and different designs.

Please feel free to share any thoughts!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Bottle Stoppers

I had a rather busy and productive night last night. I turned and sanded six new bottle stoppers today. Each one is a new design (with the exception of the one on it's side) and I'm rather pleased with how they have come out. I can't wait to get a nice glossy polyurethane finish on them!

The second one from the left even includes some brass accents. I think my favorite though is the middle one standing up.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Candy Dish, Cutting Board and Napkin Ring walk into a bar...

ok, probably not the best set-up for a joke, but as far as a list of latest projects go I don't think it sounds too bad!

I finished the latest cutting board that was requested of me. This one is a bit of a monster too with a dimension of 13" x 21"! If it had not already been paid for, I'm sure my wife would have claimed it for her own!

Tonight I turned my forth candy dish. This one is 2-3/4" tall with a 5" diameter and includes 81 segments. I think I will apply a clear gloss finish to this one as I am also planning for candy dish #3. These have been a lot of fun to make, I'm totally making more!

I also finished a prototype of sorts... I had thought of making a segmented napkin ring. I had a chance to get that turned tonight as well.

thoughts? on any of them?

Monday, January 03, 2011

First Project of 2011

I glued up this bowl blank a while back, but since it's not a completed project until it get turned... well it's still the first project of 2011.

My third segmented candy dish. I haven't applied the polyurethane finish yet (I don't think I'm going to stain this one) so it's not completely done yet. Made of pine, there are 81 segments in this little dish.