Tuesday, October 18, 2005

clean enough to eat off of

I've got my fingers crossed that my water problems are over. the water has finally stopped seeping in through the cracks in the floor. I mopped bleach water across the basement floor tonight (forgetting that I was still wearing my dress pants) so I think I'm about ready to begin the process of restoring my workshop.

my dad was admiring my handy-work when mentioned that he could bring over his industrial vacuum that he uses in his cleaning business to get the remaining sand off the floor. I could only give him a blank stare and say... "you realize that 4 days after getting my tools down here there will be 4 inches of sawdust on the floor, right?"

so now it's clean enough! I wouldn't eat off it though...


Jenn M. said...

It will almost be a shame to put all our stuff down there. It's the one clean room in the house! Mind you I said almost a shame. If I wack my knee on that planer one more time I may just lose my mind!

foxymama said...

Does this mean that you're changing your home decor once again? The offer still stands from the Rock...you can use his until or unless your basement is definitely trustworthy. He wouldn't extend that offer to just anybody. You must really rate. ~:^)