Monday, October 31, 2005

nothing to it

I've got the final coats of paint drying on the NY Adirondacks, so it's time to play with that $400 dovetail jig that I bought WAY back in April and figure out how to make this thing work it's magic.

I've got this nightstand that I started way back in April (I'm starting to see a trend...) that I'm building out of Red Oak. I built a similar one with Pine for the dear sweet wife quite some time ago. Now I'd like to get rid of the ugly metal file cabinet that resides on my side of the bed! Anyway... the drawer front for this nightstand is a lovely piece of Birdseye Maple. The plan is to figure out how to use this dovetail jig to cut some half-blind dovetails to connect the drawer front to the drawer sides.

I started the other night to dub around with this jig. I used several pieces of scrap wood and successfully made more scrap wood! Persistence pays off!! I made a few adjustments and now I have a half-blind dovetail that I can be proud of! Of course is on a piece of scrap wood...!

at least now I kind of know what I'm doing... $400, six months, 10 trials... nothing to it!


Jenn M. said...

You've got to figure out how to post pictures up here because the nightstand is very nice and every one should see it. And then we could also see what a half blind dove-tail is too!

foxymama said...

Yes, I agree with Jenn. I'd love to see pictures. Of course I might rather see the "real" thing. (I don't know how to post pics either. Ask Tim! He knows how to do it. So, you've got your half blind dovetails down to $40 each. Hmmmmmnnnn... Progress, I guess. ~;^)