Friday, October 07, 2005

no pain, no gain

So I'm coming up on just one week remaining before the NY Adirondacks are due. I'm not concerned that I won't hit the due date, I'm sure it won't even be an issue. But... having a due date hanging over your head and just the right mix of Rancid on the iPod can make painting tolerable.

...and knowing that my lovely wife is going to pitch in to help out on this now public hatred of painting makes life a bit more easy going! Love you baby!


foxymama said...

Now that's what I call romantic... Well crafted handmade chairs, a willing, lovely wife with a paintbrush in her hand and music for the two of you to groove on. It took me awhile to figure out that that was supposed to be music though. Talk about old dogs... ~;^) Whatever happened to Mozart? ~;^)

Jenn M. said...

It's a date Sweets! And probably the closest we'll get to one any time soon.