Saturday, March 22, 2008

Segmented Rollerball

One of the girls I work with asked me to make a pen for her that she could give to her husband for his birthday this weekend. The wood is jatoba and maple. The kit is a black titanium jr gent ii rollerball (from Craft Supplies USA). I used a CA/BLO finish. There are 200+ pieces used in this pen.

I’m pretty happy with how this pen came out. There are a few details I’d like to improve though…

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Segmented Cigar Pen

I finished this pen last night. It's the second one I'm donating to my daughter's school for a fundraiser. I'm pretty happy with how this style came out. I was a little afraid that it might be boring with only two different types of wood (jatoba and maple), but I think it does work.

The cigar style pen seems to work well for the segmentation as well. I'm a little disappointed it's being given away!

This pen has over 200 individual pieces used in the segmenting.