Monday, July 12, 2010

The Playhouse - Sheathing Done!

With all the framing finished up over the 4th of July weekend it was time to get to work on putting up the roof sheathing and also finishing the front and back walls. This past Thursday I got the first piece of sheathing added to the roof.

The following day I got the second piece of sheathing added to the roof.

This past Saturday it rained most of the day, so I had to find other things to do. Sunday, however, was gorgeous! I called my friend Jeremy and he agreed to come over and give me a hand in finishing up the rest of the roof sheathing.

with the roof sheathing done and still some daylight available, we decided to tackle finishing up the sheathing on the front and back walls.

I'm really happy with how the playhouse is coming together. My girls also seem very excited which makes it even more fun! Next up will be the shingles for the roof and working on fitting the windows.

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