Monday, July 26, 2010

The Playhouse - Roofing Complete

With the help of my friend Jeremy and my nephew Zac providing the shingles, the playhouse roofing is now done! The whole thing actually went up pretty well. I bought an aluminum drip edge for each side and then we over lapped the roofing paper (tar paper) before starting the shingles.

Since the sun was so hot on Saturday we started on the "shady" side of the playhouse. That did make it a bit more comfortable to work! I certainly did drink a lot of water that day though!

Considering neither of us have ever really done roofing before, I think we did a pretty decent job!

And the little bit of rain we got on Sunday shows that it all is working like it should!

Next up will be the trim around the roof I think... that or windows. I haven't decided yet!


EPDM Coating said...

Well the final look is looking very attractive. Specially the shingles color is looking absolutely awesome. I also have to repair my roof and i am thinking about to go for the same shingle color as you have installed on your roof. Good luck for the next project.

anniekatherine said...

i want one.

Eugene Caul said...

The roofing is looking good. Heh heh, it does feel nice working under a shade, no? It's still a lot of hard work, but it still feels more comfortable when the sun isn't shining down on you. Good luck on your next project, then!