Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Playhouse - Framing Done!

After a couple of fairly intense days of working on the playhouse I was a little slow to get going yesterday. Once I did get going though, everything moved along pretty smoothly. I finished up both the front and back hanging rafters.

Front hanging rafters.

Rear hanging rafters.

With the hanging rafters complete, all that was left was to put up the permanent collar ties and frame up the peak section of the front and back walls.

Front view with all framing done.

Rear view with all framing done.

oh... and on a side note, becareful with nail guns! As I was finishing up the framing for the peak in the back wall, i had a nail come through the back of a 2x4 and stab my finger. If it had stopped bleeding on it's own, the trip to the ER would not have been needed... but that's where I ended up! My finger is a bit sore and now bandaged up. I'm curious to see how it looks tonight when the bandage comes off.

ouch! Thankfully the nail didn't come out the other side of my finger!

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