Sunday, November 20, 2005


I've got this nightstand that I started working on several months ago. Ok, it was back in April when I started, but I plan on finishing it before this coming April!

One of the highlights of this nightstand is the piece of Birdseye Maple that I will use for the drawer front. I want to connect the sides of the drawer to the front with a half-blind dovetail joint. I bought this Leigh Dovetail jig back in April as well. As I've posted before, I have been practicing so that I don't destroy my Birdseye drawer front.

The jig looks like this

and to show that I can do more that just build Adirondack chairs, here's a picture of the half-blind dovetail that I have been working on. I'm pretty happy with the results. Now that the jig is set correctly, reproducing the joint is fairly easy... so I'm almost ready to go to town on the real thing!

stay tuned, there will be more to come. I've got the week off!!!!!


Jenn said...

Vacation! Just what you needed. I've got all kinds of things you can do if you get bored.

foxymama said...

Yeah, the Rock's home this week too...working, of course. Darryl, I'm proud of you. You're really gaining skills (and I don't mean 'saws'). ~:^)