Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Next Please!

...and they are done! Yes the NY Adirondacks are done. complete. finished. waiting to be picked up...
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so we are on to the next project... another set of Adirondacks! How boring you say? NO WAY! this set is going to be WAY different. This set is going to be a lovely maroon! "Vin Rouge" to be exact.

this set is for my team lead at the real job. I'm actually getting paid for this job! tonight I finished putting on the primer and tomorrow I'll put on the first coat of the "Vin Rouge".
Baring any unforseen flooding:
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I expect this set of chairs should be completed fairly soon! ...and yes, that is my workbench floating amonst what used to be the occupants of my basement workshop (a.k.a. ... The Dungeon!).

Stay tuned! now that I know how to post pictures, this blog is going to get exciting!


Jenn M. said...

This blog is really cool honey! It's amazing to think the water rose even higher than this pic. And that bucket of shavings in the back stayed pretty dry, too. Those NY Ad's look sweet on our front porch. I think we need an Addy loveseat for out there.

foxymama said...

They look real fine! The Dungeon could use a little update though. C'mon, you know you want the Rock's workbench for your very own... ~;^)

Tim said...

Can't wait to see the vin rouge photos!