Friday, January 14, 2011

A Candy Dish, Cutting Board and Napkin Ring walk into a bar...

ok, probably not the best set-up for a joke, but as far as a list of latest projects go I don't think it sounds too bad!

I finished the latest cutting board that was requested of me. This one is a bit of a monster too with a dimension of 13" x 21"! If it had not already been paid for, I'm sure my wife would have claimed it for her own!

Tonight I turned my forth candy dish. This one is 2-3/4" tall with a 5" diameter and includes 81 segments. I think I will apply a clear gloss finish to this one as I am also planning for candy dish #3. These have been a lot of fun to make, I'm totally making more!

I also finished a prototype of sorts... I had thought of making a segmented napkin ring. I had a chance to get that turned tonight as well.

thoughts? on any of them?

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