Saturday, December 12, 2009

Segmetned Christmas Tree Ornament

After completing the Segmented Vessel, I decided I'd make the segments on my next piece a little thinner than the 3/4" previously used. Since we are all in the Christmas spirit, I thought I'd make a new ornament for our tree this year. The segments in this piece are 1/4" thick, and this piece includes a total of 92 segments.

Here's the before picture of the ornament blank glued up on the lathe.

After turning, sanding and the first coat of wipeon polyurethane, here's the end result. I'm pretty happy with how this piece came out. I expect this piece will require six or seven coats of polyurethane like the segmented vessel did. Once I get the finish complete, I'll work on getting some additional (a.k.a. better) pictures posted. Oh, and the ornament is about 3-1/5" in diameter. It's also hollow, I drilled out the segmented layers as I did the glue-up.

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