Thursday, February 01, 2007

Picture Practice

It's not just woodworking that a woodworker needs to be good at. Apparently we also need to have some decent photography skills as well. So I thought tonight I'd practice a little bit. This is the shot I like the best of the group I took.

The lighting could use some improvement in the shot above. The picture above was taken in the close-up mode on the camera and this doesn't use the flash. Here's a shot that I took to start today's session using the auto mode with the flash.

As far as the cutting board is concerned, this is one of my maple and walnut boards. This is a new mini size that my wife had asked for. It measures 11"x7.5"x1.5". This one here still needs to be sanded and oiled.


scott said...

Looks like you caught it just as it was about to fly off ;)

rookster said...

I was just going to say the same thing Scott did: I think it is distracting to have the cutting board hovering like some UFO about to land. I'm guessing you had it sitting on a block of wood? Also, Your picture might benefit from ironing the drape.

Anastasia Masterson said...

Darryl, I really like how on the ends you have the lighter color wood in thicker pieces. I really like the way it looks like that. It is different then doing the same width for each of the kinds of wood. You are really good at what you have been doing. It all looks great!!