Friday, September 01, 2006


Last night, I cut the board to final width, hand planed the highspots, routered a roundover on the edges and rough sanded the whole board. Tonight, I did the finish sanding and applied a coat of BLO (Boiled Linseed Oil) for the finish. I really like how the BLO shows off the grain of the walnut (the darker stripes) in this picture:

Here's a close-up that shows off the grain in the red leaf soft maple:

This was a fun little project to do. I think I'll be making more. Christmas is coming and there were several family members that showed some interest... we'll have to wait and see.


Jeremy said...

The board looks great, just make sure the lineseed oil you used doesn't contain metallic dryers. These will make it unusable for food preperation.

Darryl Masterson said...

It was after careful consideration and research that I decided to go with the BLO. Wood Magazine, where I got the inspiration for the project, has an article on their website for food safe finishes that set my mind at ease.

While it is not safe to consume BLO as you can with Flaxseed Oil, once BLO has had a chance to cure it is a perfectly safe finish to be used on food service and children's toys.

thanks for the heads up though.

Ben Evans said...

You do very nice work. I own a manufacturing business that builds retail displays and fixtures.

I would love the time to do some woodwork for myself...but as the saying goes....the carpenters house is always the las one finished. This is a fun blog keep up the good work.

Cindy said...

Super Nice!
Pic are good, seeing it in person waws better!

Darryl Masterson said...

This board ended up going to my neice and nephew. They both went to culinary school and just recently got their own apartment so it seemed like a really good fit.

Sorry Cindy, you will just have to wait in line...