Saturday, July 22, 2006

Christmas in July

One of the several woodworking magazines I subscribe to is Wood Magazine. There have been some rather interesting articles in the few issues I've received so far. One article that recently caught my attention had to do with making a turned Christmas Tree ornament.

Having not made anything other than pens with the lathe, I thought it would be nice to make a smaller different project. The lighter wood is Cherry and the darker wood is Walnut. This is a very small lightweight ornament, it only measures about 3.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

My wife is already making plans to give these as gifts this Christmas, so I'm sure you will be seeing more of these in the near future!


scott said...

great job! I saw those a while back, and missed picking up the issue... (I "subscribe" to all the woodworking and homebuilding magazines durning my lunch break over coffee at B&N, although many come home with me) and have been thinking about trying my hand at them.

I like the contrast of the woods, but I also like the idea of using the same wood, if only to futher the illusion of "how did you turn the tree though a hole like that?"

Jenn said...

That's a good idea about the same woods. It gives it a nice illusion. Wouldn't these make great teachers gifts?

Darryl Masterson said...

that's one of the aspects that I like so much about this type of project, there are just so many ways to alter the design.

I've seen where some people have put a snowman in the center rather than the tree.

I've got some bird's eye maple and purpleheart that I think would look really cool.