Monday, April 17, 2006

Dungeon Update

I ordered more White Oak this past Saturday. I expect that to be ready later this week so I can hopefully start this weekend building up the sides of the dresser I'm working on. I also ordered some Red Leaf Soft Maple which I'll be using on the drawer sides and backs.

In the mean time, one of my customers at the real job, Gary, was nice enough to send me some scrap wood that arrived today. I got a whole box of what I believe is mahogany. I'll have to verify that tomorrow when I thank him.

I didn't want this new wood to get all dusty in the dungeon, so I jumped right in and started working with it! It cuts like butter. Drills nice, and is really easy to turn on the lathe!!!

I've been talking with Gary about different finishing techniques the past week or so, he's helped push me in the direction of using Boiled Linseed Oil (BLO) and Johnson's Paste Wax. I've been messing around with a few pieces of scrap oak to see how the finish will look. I'd like to know a bit more of what I'm doing before I apply this new finishing process to Violet's dresser.

Here's a look at my second cigar pen. I made this with a piece of the wood I got from Gary (if you hadn't already guessed that!). I applied a new finish on this pen than I have on the rest. I mixed some of the BLO with the paste wax until I got a sweet potato / baby food type consistancy. Then applied some to a rag, rubbed it in and buffed it to a nice little shine.

I really like the color tone and the way the grain pops out with this finish. and yeah, I can admit that it is way cooler to mix my own finish than to just use something out of a bottle!

I'll be curious to see how this new finish holds up a real world environment though. The Behlen Woodturner's Finish on the pen that I use daily at work has all but rubbed off at this point, which I do find a bit disappointing.


Jenn said...

Really? That is disappointing. But pens do get a lot of handling. Nice picture.

Jerry said...

Really nice pen Darryl. I enjoy reading your blog.

I piddle with woodworking a little myself. I don't finish many projects but I start a lot of them. One day I'll post photos of the hope chest I made for my daughter. It's the only thing I have finished in recent memory.

But back to your pen, since I'm a nice guy and all I would be more than happy to use that pen for a few years and let you know how the finish holds up.