Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oak & Pine Adirondack

Technically, it's not done because the arms haven't been screwed on yet. But it looks done!

I got the seat slats attached tonight and I cut the notches out of the arms so the fit the way they should, but I'm tired so I'm going to call it a night... but first some details and pictures!

It seems like everything I read about woodworking, there is talk of grain matching. Basically this is when the woodworker takes great care in selecting the pieces being used. A simple example would be two dresser drawers that are next to each other. These drawer fronts should ideally be cut from the same piece of wood so the grains flows from one drawer to the next.

I took this philosophy and applied it to the seat of this adirondack chair. Take a look, you can see in this picture that the two seat slats used to be one piece of wood. The front three pair of seat slats have this look. Since there are seven total slats, the one in the back is the odd one out.

Here are a couple more shots of the chair in full view.

and, of course, it's quite comfortable!


Jenn said...

This looks really good! The white and natural wood gives it a good contrast.

Darryl Masterson said...

I think this is my favorite. it give the chair a nice "classy" kinda look.

Tam said...

How much $? I know of a school looking for donations for a fundraising auction. I also know of a parent at said school who needs to solicit donations. Call me, I'll tell you all about it. You could burn your name and contact information onto the back or bottom of the chair. Good advertising!
Gorgeous chair by the way. Pictures don't do it justice!