Saturday, January 14, 2006

Practice Makes...Better!

I made another group of pens today. I decided to go more with the slim look on this group. I want to see about talking to a couple of local stores about selling my pens, so I don't want to go to radical on the shapes at this point. I figure that being made of exotic wood will already provide some "wow" factor, let's not blow the load all at once... so to speak.

I also wanted to see how these pen kits will look on the same type of wood. This should give me a better idea on how to match up my pen kits with the wood being used.

Making more pens also gives me more practice. Practice in turning in general, what's the best way to hold the tool, how much pressure to apply, that kind of stuff. It's also helped my speed a little bit. And it seems like speed is really going to be the deciding factor on profitability. The longer they take to make, the harder it will be to make any money...

The current tally is 3 pens and $30. Honestly, I was hoping for a bit more action on Friday at the real job, but that's really not the place I want to focus on for sales. I have to work with these people. I don't want them to fear talking to me, assuming that all I'm going to do is hock my wares!

So here's a look at todays batch:


foxymama said...

They're beautiful! But I still want the 2nd from the right in the picture below. Love that brass hardware. You're definitely going to be able to sell these pens. If they write as well as being handsome they'll go over real well. Well, you got your blizzard out there. You must have an "in" with the All Powerful or something... ~;^)

Jenn said...

They are nice. I wonder how much you're going to have to sell them for to make $ on them. You know, with the store's cut figured in? And they do write nice, too!

Tim said...

Good lookin' pens!!

Darryl Masterson said...

Thanks. I'm pretty happy with them. I've sent out a couple more to customer's at the real job that have birthdays this month and they have gone over really well!

but these are nothing compared to the pen that Lila made! That is by far the best one!

Laura said...

I love these!!!!!
I must have one. Let me know what you need.