Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Playhouse - A Quick Catch-up

I've started working on a playhouse for my girls. It's being built in the backyard in an area close to the house, but not really used. I had shown my wife a playhouse another woodworker out there had built for his kids and we went from there. The playhouse is not really going to look anything like the inspiration it came from though.

After deciding on a floor plan of 8' x 12' I got to work with the help of a friend and my brother-in-law. We were able to get the floor and back wall put together pretty quickly.

For those that don't know, I'm the one in the Red Sox shirt. The other guy is my friend Jeremy.

It rained the following weekend, so nothing was done then. But it was nice on week three and I was able to get the front and one side wall framed up...or at least mostly framed up! The front wall has a door in the middle and a window on each side of the door. Both side walls will have a centered window. The walls are all six feet tall.

Last weekend I picked up some 7/16" OSB (that particleboard stuff and referred to as sheathing) and started adding that on. I also got the additional 2x4s i need to finish framing the last wall. With the sheathing applied the frame is now much more ridgid and it's starting to look more like a playhouse.

I picked up two more sheets of OSB to work on finishing the sheathing on the two sides and the front up to the top of the window frames. The top 18" of the walls I'll finish after I get the roof framed up. Speaking of which... I have six days off for the 4th of July and I'm planning on getting the roof framed and hoping to also get the OSB up there as well so the whole playhouse will be closed in with the exception of the window and door openings!

Once I get the roof started (hopefully Thursday) I'll be sure to post some new pics. Stay tuned!

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Tiffany Flores said...

HI, im planning on building a small playhouse for my kids. For the Sheathing, what are you planning on covering it with? Im not sure what to do with it when i get it on, everyone says it wont stand the rain and i cant use it. Thank you