Monday, August 18, 2008

A New Door has been Discovered!

Apparently my daughters have been so nice to the fairies that moved in, the fairies have invited their friends to move in as well!

A new door has been discovered. And a note has been left at the first door that reads:“Thank you for the gift. You have been so nice to us, we have invited our friends to move in as well.”

Apparently the fairies in the new fairy door prefer a room with a view as this door is located a few steps up from the original.

It looks like this door is constructed of Jatoba with a Cherry frame and finished with Boiled Linseed Oil.


Jenn said...

Yeesh. We need to leave the fairies a broom so they can sweep my stairs! How embarassing!

Cindy said...

Nice! A new door, I wonder if they will move next door to Nanny's house now?
Looks Cool!

Anonymous said...

These doors are seriously cool. But I'm wondering: what's behind the doors? Are they fa├žades, or do they open into a finished box, or... ? Did you put actual toy fairies in them for the kids to discover?