Saturday, September 01, 2007

Let's Go Sledding

Something I've wanted to build for a while now is a sled for my tablesaw. I talked with my friend Gary several times this week about issues he's run into in the 4 different sleds he's built. I got the runners cut to size Thursday night. Today while my wife was out with the girls, I figured it was time to get to work.

I have a round piece of 1/2" cabinet grade plywood that was given to me at a turning group meeting I had attended last winter. I thought this would be a great project to use that. I cut a portion of the circle to give me a flat spot which would become the backer board (the board I'll hang onto as I push the sled through the saw).

Then it was time to attach the runners to the base. That didn't go nearly as bad as I had expected! Once the runner were secure, I attached a short piece of Oak to the front of the sled to keep everything from moving once the sled receives it's first cut.

The second part of the project I was nervous about was attaching the backer board, as this needs to have as close to accurate placement to enable accurate 90 degree cross cuts.

Once the sled was assembled, I applied some wax to the miter slots on the table saw. A little sanding on the runners to get a good fit, it was just like Gary said... it just slides!

Thanks for the input Gary. It's got a good fit with no side to side movement.
Check it out.

(right side)

(left side)


Now it's just a matter of adding the 45 degree supports so I can start making some pens like Gary's!!

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