Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Prime Time

I like knots. Most people don't seem to, but I do. I think they add character to a piece of wood. Some knots are better than others though. Ideally a nice tight knot would be the best to incorporate into a project.

But sometimes, a knot that isn't so great can be fixed up. The knot on the underside of the bistro table top is the perfect example. I decided to keep this knot in the piece for the simple fact that the table is being painted and it won't be seen.

This knot had some dried and loose pieces in it. So when I first started putting the top together, I used a screwdriver to pluck out all the loose bits out of the knot. This left a nice gaping hole instead. I filled the hole with a mixture of 2-part epoxy and some wood shavings.

I didn't get a before picture (sorry), but I did snap a picture before I applied the primer so I could use this as a bit of education for myself.

I think if I were to need to do this again, I would just use straight 2-part epoxy and skip the wood shavings.

Oh and speaking of the bistro table, I got a full coat of primer on the top tonight, so here's a shot to give you an idea of how the table will look when finished.

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