Saturday, July 07, 2007

1st Contest Entry

I've entered the Bistro Table in the LumberJocks Summer 2007 contest!
This years contest has two categories

With this table project, I've had a concern over how I wanted to attach the top. Considering the top is 36" square, I knew it was going to need a system that allowed the top to be removable (if only to get the table out of the dungeon!).

After some pondering, I came up with a solution that allows for a tool-free removal of the top. Here are a couple pictures of how I achieved that.

so basically what happens, is the top is put on a little off center and is then pushed forward so the little buttons on the underside of the top lock on the little tenons that are attached to the frame. With this solution, I've entered the table in the Wood Joinery category of the LumberJocks contest. The contest runs through the month of July and the winners will be announced after the voting in early August.

Wish me luck!

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jlchrls said...

Glad I ran into your blog. I have been surfing the web for things, events, etc. about woodworking and through you I found the wood jocks contest. Hope to see at their next contest