Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Toy

looks like I was a good boy this year after all!!

since it was to heavy for my wife to move on her own, it wasn't left under the tree... instead we took a walk out to the mini-van so I could open this present!

I've got it set up and turned it on as a test, but I haven't run anything through it yet. I should be getting to that in a couple days.


Anonymous said...

Nice! You must have been good. A planer is on my list, but unlikely to enter the shop soon. Any plans for this acquisition?

Anonymous said...

What I meant to say is: what is the first project you plan for the planer? This looks like a big hint that the LOYL is thinking furniture (?)

Darryl Masterson said...

there was a comment tonight about how she can't wait for her cookie sheet rack to be completed... I think that was a hint.

I did my first run on the planer today and DANG that thing is slick! I need to adjust the front and back tables a little to remove a slight bit of snipe, but other wise a gem right out of the box!

nice website rookster. you made a comment about rain in NH & MA... you nearby?