Monday, October 16, 2006

Thanks to my Daughter

My oldest daughter is in seventh grade at the middle school. She’s done a great job of continuing to try out for different activities at school. She’s gone for drama, track, field hockey and most recently student council. The unfortunate part of this is that she hasn’t made the cut on any of these activities yet. I give her great credit for trying though, that’s more than I ever did in school. Other than a stint in pop warner football my freshman year, I didn’t do anything.

So after finding out today about the outcome of the student council voting, I’ve decided that I need to push my own fears of rejection aside. I have entered into one of the regions upcoming craft fairs. If she can continue to out herself our there, I don't really feel like I have an excuse not to.

I’m going with a limited number of items to test the waters. I’m going to have cutting boards, cigar pens, wine bottle holders and some turned Christmas tree ornaments. And since I’ve got about 5 weeks to get ready for this, I’m going to have to get my butt back into the dungeon and continue sanding away like a mad man.

Wish me luck.


Jeremy said...

good for you- sucks for Mini.

Make sure you price your items acordingly

Jenn said...

It will be fun. We will think of this as an experiment. See what sells, at what price. The absolute worst that can happen is you're out the $30 table fee. One less dinner at Applebee's ;)

Jerry said...

Hi Darryl,

I'm not sure when the craft fair is but if it hasn't happened yet, good luck.

Daughters are great for inspiration aren't they? Years ago I was working in my shop on who knows what and my daughter was helping me the way 9-year-old girls who have no interest in woodworking help their fathers.

We had an Indian Guide parade coming up and she decided that we should make a fox for the float.

I have no artistic talent so I explained to her that we couldn't do that because it's hard to draw a fox that looks like a fox. She kept bugging me about it until finally I had to just tell her NO it wasn't going to happen.

I focused my attention back to whatever it was I was working on and she continued hanging around the shop "helping".

After a few minutes she called me over. She had found an old piece of plywood and had drawn a fox on it. She didn't have much artistic talent either but that was one beautiful fox... and it made my heart melt.

I grabbed my jigsaw and we cut that fox out and painted it together.

It ended up being on the very front of the Indian Guide parade float that year and eveyone loved it.

After the parade we mounted it above the door in the garage.

That was 19 years ago and we have since moved from that house but that fox is still out there in our garage... and in our hearts reminding me that I should always try even if I don't think I can succeed.